How to Black Text on 4Chan?

Black text, often referred to as “spoiler text,” is a commonly used feature on many online forums, including 4Chan. This formatting tool is vital for concealing spoilers about movies, games, or any sensitive content, ensuring that readers have the choice to view it. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use black text on 4Chan, including its importance and etiquette.

What is Black Text?

Black text, or spoiler text, is a way of hiding text so that it can only be read by those who want to see it. On 4Chan, this is commonly used to obscure spoilers, plot twists, or sensitive content. The text appears blacked out and can only be revealed by hovering the cursor over it or tapping on it, depending on the device being used.

How to Use Black Text on 4Chan

To use black text on 4Chan, users need to follow specific markup syntax. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Basic Spoiler Tag:
    • Use: **[spoiler]Text you want to hide[/spoiler]**
    • This will black out the text between the tags, making it visible only when highlighted.
  2. Alternative Method:
    • Some boards on 4Chan may also support the use of: **{Text you want to hide}**
    • This method encloses the text within curly brackets and applies the spoiler effect.

Tips for Using Spoiler Text on 4Chan

  • Check Board Rules: Different boards on 4Chan may have variations in rules about spoiler tags. Always check the specific board’s FAQ or rules before posting spoilers.
  • Respect the Community: Use spoiler tags liberally to avoid ruining experiences for others. Whether it’s a plot detail in a movie or a key moment in a video game, hiding spoilers is considered good etiquette.
  • Combine With Text Formatting: Spoiler tags can be combined with other formatting options on 4Chan such as bold or italic for emphasis.

Importance of Using Black Text

The use of spoiler tags serves several important purposes:

  • Protection of User Experience: It preserves the surprise and enjoyment of fresh content for users who have not experienced it yet.
  • Content Warning: It helps in providing content warnings without disclosing specific details, which can be crucial for sensitive or triggering content.
  • Community Harmony: It maintains harmony within the community by respecting user preferences and content consumption paces.

Etiquette for Spoilers

Here are some etiquette tips for using spoilers:

  • Avoid Fake Spoilers: Do not use spoiler tags to spread misinformation or troll other users, as this can lead to confusion and mistrust within the community.
  • Timely Disclosure: Keep in mind the timing of your spoiler. If a movie has just been released, more users are likely to appreciate the use of spoiler tags as opposed to several months later when the majority may have seen it.
  • Consideration and Consent: Always consider if the content genuinely needs hiding. Overuse of spoilers can reduce their effectiveness and annoy readers.


The use of black text or spoiler tags on 4Chan is a straightforward yet powerful tool for enhancing user interaction and community experience. By following the correct syntax and adhering to community etiquette, users can effectively communicate sensitive content without spoiling the experience for others. This practice not only shows consideration for fellow users but also helps maintain the element of surprise and enjoyment across various media shared on the platform.

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